Crank it up!

Here is a Collection of songs made during 2018. Swimming in the sun and Thin line started with lyrics from Jamie, reworked a bit by me ending up in the songs below. Call of the wind and Oh I feel it started the opposite way. I started with the some text lines that sounded cool and Jamie made it to what it is right now.

All Music and recordings are done by me.

The cover photo is an old Musicman 112RD that nowadays looks cooler than it sounds…


It’s all right – Spotify release

It’s all right is a song by Mårten Eliasson and me the spring 2018. In this song Mårten brought not only the basic song idea, with the melody and rhythm guitar, he also wrote the lyrics. I made the beat, recordings and production. The Latino inspired guitar solo is a one shot improvisation that turned out to enrich the overall sound in a surprisingly good way.

The cover photo is from the old High line railway on Manahattan NY. I guess that is all right too!

Lazy Spirit – Spotify release

Lazy Spirit is the result of a dynamic collaboration between Mårten Eliasson, Jamie Smith and myself during the fall 2017. Mårten kicked it off with the basic song idea, topline melody and rhythm guitar. Jamie wrote the lyrics. I made the beat, recordings and production. Besides lead vocal, Mårten plays rhythm guitar on both tracks. Ella Smith contributes with the lead song on the second half of Lazy Spirit.
I took the cover photo in the centre of Chengdu in China. The guy on the bike took a short nap in the middle of the street, surrounded by heavy traffic. That’s Lazy Spirit!


Perfect storm – Soundcloud release

Perfect Storm is a collaboration with the talented lyricist, Jamie Smith. Jamie wrote the lyrics during the autumn 2017, when several severe storms were hitting various parts of the world. Inspired by the feeling in the lyrics, I developed the music. The text is about a combination of circumstances building up into a full-blown storm. The intro starts with the warm sound of a cello and a guitar playing on flageolets. The vocalist starts and the music picture grows. Between the verse and the chorus, a crescendo section emphasises the upcoming storm, and includes a weather forecast warning about the storm. The storm reaches its climax during the chorus, where it hits with full power.

The powerful vocals are performed by Ella Smith, who adds a dynamic, soulish feel to the song.

The smooth sound of the Hammond organ is provided by Dan Holmqvist. Elin Laksö Svensson plays the Cello.

Thrill you – Spotify release

On 19 January 2018, my first EP – Thrill You – was released on Spotify. I wrote most of the songs on Thrill You during the time I was playing guitar in The Suburbans. The songs are influenced by the soul, funk and rock sounds that characterise that band.

The fantastic vocalist, Mårten Eliasson, contributed greatly to this EP. Without him, it would never have been produced. Mårten has a wonderful soul feeling and voice. I’m very grateful for his contribution to this EP.

Fredrik Ygge contributes with his funky bass on the songs Thrill You and Want You Back.

Dan Holmqvist enriches Thrill You, Energy and Empathy with his brilliance on the Hammond organ.